Extragalactic objects

This gallery shows objects that are located outside our own galaxy, the Milkyway.
Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

M31 Andromeda

M33 Triangulum

M51 Canes Venatici

M61 Virgo
M63 Canes Venatici wide

M63 Canes Venatici

M64 Coma Berenices

M65 Leo
M66 Leo

Leo Trio

M81 Ursa Major

M81 & M82 Ursa Major
M82 Ursa Major

M94 Canes Venatici

M95 & M96 Leo

M98 Coma Berenices
M99 Coma Berenices

M100 Coma Berenices

M101 Ursa Major

M101 Ursa Major wide
M106 Canes Venatici

M108 Ursa Major

NGC891 Andromeda

NGC1023 Perseus
NGC2403 Camelopardalis

NGC2537 Lynx

NGC2683 Lynx

NGC2903 Leo
NGC3184 Ursa Major

NGC3344 Leo Minor

NGC3628 Leo

NGC3718 Ursa Major
NGC4216 Virgo

NGC4236 Draco

NGC4535 Virgo

NGC4565 Coma Berenices
NGC4567/8 Virgo

NGC4631 Canes Venatici

NGC4631 & NGC4565 Canes Venatici

NGC4725 Coma Berenices
NGC5033 Canes Venatici

NGC5317 & NGC5363 Virgo

NGC6946 Cepheus

NGC7331 Pegasus
NGC7814 Pegasus

Markarian's chain Virgo

Abell 1656 Coma Berenices

Abell 2151 Hercules
Hickson 44 Leo

Stephans Quintett Pegasus

Draco Dwarf


Galactic objects

Solar system


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